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So... How does all this work? What do I have to do?
After taking 2 minutes to create an account with us, you will be able to create a label for each piece of property that you'd like to protect. Just print them out on label stock, we suggest Avery Heavy Duty (L7063). Once printed it's just a matter of sticking them on the items.

Why do I need this anyway?
Why don't I just put my own phone number and/or address on my stuff? Identity theft is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing crimes. Thanks to computers, and the internet, people now have access to more than just phone books. They also have access to 'reverse lookup' phone books. Here are some examples from different countries, Australia and the USA. The last thing you want to put on your lost house keys is your address. With access to information like this, attaching your phone number is just as dangerous. Using us as the finder's point of contact keeps you safe.

What happens if you lose something?
As long as it's labeled, the person who finds it will see the sticker and follow the instructions. Our computer system will match the item to your account. Depending on which account you sign up for;
How do we make any money?
We offer two account types. A Premium Account costing $10/year giving you instant access the people who find your items. Then there is a Free Account this allows you to label your items for free, but if you lose it and lostuff comes to the rescue then there is a fee to contact to person who finds it.

What about my privacy? Do you reveal any of my contact information?
We take privacy extremely seriously! Unlike almost all other Property Recovery solutions on the market, the information of both parties is kept entirely secure, unless of course you choose otherwise. All comunication is done via our Proprietory Recovery Systems masking both parties identities for total peace of mind.

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